Home Installation

Home Theater Design & Build

Bring the excitement of a movie theater home! We can create the room of your dreams. Our systems can be adapted to almost any room, at any stage, new construction or finished, on any budget from $5,000 to over $500,000. Wether you would like to simply upgrade to surround sound and a flat TV in your family room or create your very own movie palace, Signature can make it possible!

Whole-House Music Systems

Today’s typically hectic lifestyles rarely allow for the simple pleasures of listening to music. Yet as a background to daily activities and entertaining or as an event unto itself, listening to music—on demand and with simple, convenient access – can be both liberating and inspirational. We make whole-house a/v systems an integral part of your home environment, as easy and convenient to use as a light switch. Traditional music sources – such as CD and radio – can be easily accessed and operated throughout the house, while hard-disk storage systems, LAN-based servers, and future on-demand music and video content and Internet services can be easily added.

Home Automation & Custom Control

How does Signature design elaborate, home automation and integrated electronic systems that really are easy to use? The answer is simple: We throw away the remote controls. Actually, we replace them with our own, programmed with the features you need. You get plain-English buttons that do exactly what they say. Like, “Start Movie.”

Lighting Control

An integrated lighting system, along with motorized shades and draperies allows you to personalize your surrounding by controlling the light. Instead of merely turning on or off, lights can work together in any combination, in preset sequences, and on prearranged schedules. For example, you can arrive home from work to find your entire path – from driveway to bedroom – all lit up, you can even have a remote control located in your car to turn on and off selected lights. When you host a party, you can press one button to light the interior and the exterior in the most attractive manner. When you leave for vacation, you can press one button so lights turn on and off and shades close and open, in a pattern that suggests you are still home.

Phone Systems & Gate Control

The ability to communicate within your home or business using a phone system provides several benefits, including convenience, safety, and security. Our Digital Phone Systems are custom programmed by certified technicians and contain many robust features like one-touch speed dialing, station to station calling, intercom, memory, speakerphone, teleconferencing and music on hold. You can also communicate with doorbell intercoms from any phone, and even activate gate locks to let in visitors!

Computer Networks

The installation of a Local Area Network (LAN) makes it possible to share resources such as printers, files and even high-speed internet connections among all of the computers in your home. Signature A/V is experienced in the installation of Local Area Networks across both hardwired “Category 5” cabling and “Standards Based Wireless” topologies. In this age of technology, the home computer network is becoming less of a convenience and more of a necessity.

Security & Surveillance

A good security system is the marriage of quality equipment and a logical design. Our expertise allow us to provide you comprehensive and cost-effective security options. We install Security Systems to our own high standards, in an effort to establish a long-term relationship as your trusted Security Partner.